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Thank you for volunteering to complete our Parent School Climate and Culture Survey. This survey will help us identify our strengths and challenges. We are always looking for ways to enhance our programs and instruction at Mac-Hi. Parents are a very important part of this process. We value your input.

November 13th is the first official day of winter practices. Be sure to get your paperwork in to Mr. Robertson.

Go Pioneers.

Friday School will return next week. Friday School will run from 115 pm - 3 pm and is available for any student failing class or who would like some extra support. All Freshmen who are failing will be required to be in Friday School. WE CAN HELP. It is important that parents support this opportunity for their child's success.

* Mac-Hi is a closed campus for 9th graders throughout the day. 10th - 12th graders also have a closed campus except during lunch. Students must sign out at the office to leave campus and only with parent note, email or phone call.
* Students who drive to school and want to park on campus must purchase a $5 Parking Permit through the office. Students must have a current driver's license and proof of insurance. The permits are valid throughout a students high school years at Mac-Hi. The permit must be hanging from the mirror or be visible on the dash of the vehicle.

Principal's Corner
Indeed, it is a great day to be a Pioneer. We are ready for the 2017-2018 school year! We have new programs to increase the opportunities at Mac-Hi and some new staff to compliment our existing strong staff.
We have added three Advanced Placement courses to our list of courses - AP Statistics, AP U.S. History, and AP Chemistry. Oregon Teacher Pathway (dual credit EOU course) is a two hour block with the Essentials Art course. OTP students will create art/reading lessons and share them with our Essentials Art students. Also you will see these students in elementary schools sharing their art/reading lessons and encouraging elementary students to aspire to become teachers. High school students completing this course will be able to attend EOU at a discount rate when they enter their teaching program. Pioneer Catering will also be a two hour block. We will soon see students applying their business and catering skills in the school and community. Media Productions is also a new course. Students will be streaming news throughout our school and keeping us informed of all upcoming events and sharing highlights of past events. Our on line program will return this year and be an option for credit recovery and for home school students. Call Mac-Hi for more information if you are interested in enrolling in our on line school. Pioneers to Careers Program will provide students opportunities to work with businesses in job shadows and internships. We will keep our community updated as this program grows.
Staff joining us this year are Hannah Donaldson as our Ag teacher. Many of you may have already met Hannah at our county fairs supervising our FFA students. Anne Swant from the Walla Walla School District will be teaching math. Anne comes to us with expertise for she once worked as a math coach and instructional leader. Anayeli Alvarez is a Mac-Hi graduate who will also teach Math. She is excited to return to Mac-Hi as a teacher. Tavis Crittenden joins our staff as our on line program director. Tavis will also be developing our Pioneers to Careers program. We will be building partnerships with our local businesses and placing students in job shadows and internships this year.
Becky Jo Gifford also comes to us from the Walla Walla School District. Becky Jo has a degree in social work and has just complete her high school counselor program. She too is excited to assist our students in their college/career planning.
Mindi Vaughan
McLoughlin High School Principal
About Us
We are located in the small town of Milton-Freewater, Oregon in the northeastern corner of the state. Located in the scenic Walla Walla Valley at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Mac-Hi has approximately 510 students. We are a 4A school and we compete athletically in the Greater Oregon League (GOL).

Through education, Mac-Hi graduates citizens who make a living, a life, a difference . . .

We, the students and staff at Mac-Hi, envision a school where we:

develop creative expression and individual talents
show respect toward ourselves and others, regardless of differences
strive to develop responsibility for our own actions
promote technological literacy in a global society
communicate effectively and work collaboratively
ensure physical and emotional safety
emphasize critical thinking, to solve problems and make informed choices
demonstrate the characteristics of good citizenship
encourage parent and community involvement

Thank you for visiting.

Bullying Prevention and Incident Reporting

18 days ago

The Milton-Freewater School District takes bullying seriously.  The district has implemented the research-based Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.  More information about the program can be found at:

Bullying is defined as aggressive behavior that is intentional and that involves an imbalance of power. Most often, it is repeated over time.

Goals of the District Program: 

·        reduce existing bullying problems among students

·        prevent the development of new bullying problems

·        achieve better peer relations at school

Safe Schools Alert Tip Line for reporting via phone, text, web and email

Report Tips on:

·       Bullying

·       Intimidation

·       Harassment

·       Weapons

·       Drugs

·       Other

You can also choose to download, print and complete the District Incident Reporting Form:

English | Spanish

District Policies and Administrative Rules

Policy JFCF:


Teen Dating Violence/Domestic Violence - Students**

Administrative Rule JFCF:


Teen Dating Violence Complaint Procedures - Student

Policy GBNA:

Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing/Cyberbullying – Staff


Administrative Rule GBNA:


Complaint Procedures – Staff

Safe and Welcoming Schools

3 months ago

Milton-Freewater Schools are a Safe and Welcoming  Place for All

  • In light of the recent national conversation around  immigration, we wanted to assure our community that the Milton-Freewater schools are a safe place for students. We recognize the diversity and  worth of all students, individuals and groups, and are committed  to both educating and providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of their immigration status, race, color, religion or any other basis. In fact, MFUSD does not collect or track any information regarding a students’ or their family members’ immigration or citizenship    status. We have been working with local law enforcement partners to develop some talking points and assurances around students’ safety while in our schools, and around the confidentiality of their personal information.

The links  included on this page are intended to help inform students, staff, and families  about our policies and practices around ensuring safe learning spaces for  students, and to provide information about community support that is  available. Please speak with your school principal or counselor if you have  questions, concerns, or if you need to be connected with community organizations  who can help you. 

District  non-discrimination Policy (AC)
  District  Equal Educational Policy (JB)
  District  Anti-Bullying Policy Administrative Rules (JFCF-AR)

Immigration  Resources
    Safe and  Welcoming Schools FAQ (English)
    Safe and  Welcoming Schools FAQ (Spanish)
    Oregon’s  Declaration of Sanctuary State 
    Legal  Resources for Immigrants (English)  
    Recursos legales para inmigrantes  
    Know Your  Rights and What Immigrant Families Should Know 
    ILRC Red  Cards 
    Family  Preparedness Plan (ILRC website) 
Family Preparedness Plan

Las escuelas de  Milton-Freewater son escuelas seguras y da la bienvenida a todos

  • En  vista de la reciente conversación nacional acerca de inmigración, queríamos  asegurarle a nuestra comunidad que las escuelas de Milton-Freewater son un  lugar seguro para los estudiantes. Reconocemos la diversidad y el valor de todos  los estudiante, individualmente y grupos, y estamos comprometidos tanto a  educar como a proveer un ambiente seguro e inclusivo para todos,  independientemente de su estatus migratorio, raza, color, religión o cualquier  otra base. De hecho, MFUSD no recopila o rastrea ninguna información  relacionada al estatus inmigratorio o de ciudadanía de sus estudiantes o  familiares. Hemos estado trabajando con socios del orden público local para  desarrollar algunos temas de conversación y garantías acerca de la seguridad de  los estudiantes mientras están en nuestras escuelas, y sobre la  confidencialidad de su información personal.

La  información de la web incluida en esta página tienen la intención de ayudar a  informar a los estudiantes, el personal y a las familias acerca de nuestras  pólizas  y prácticas en garantizar  espacios seguros de aprendizaje para los estudiantes, y para proveer  información sobre el apoyo disponible en la comunidad. Por favor, hable con el  director de su escuela, o consejero, si tiene cualquier pregunta o si tiene  alguna inquietud, o si necesita  conectar  las organizaciones de la comunidad que pueden ayudarle.

Pólizas de no discriminación del distrito (AC)
  Pólizas educativas igualitarias del distrito (JB)
  Reglas Administrativas del Distrito Anti-intimidación  (JFCF-AR)

Recursos de inmigración
  Escuelas Bienvenidas y Seguras FAQ (Inglés)
  Preguntas frecuentes sobre escuelas seguras y  acogedoras
  Declaración de Oregón del estado del santuario 
  Recursos legales para inmigrantes (Inglés)
  Recursos legales para inmigrantes
  Conozca sus derechos y lo que deben saber las familias  de inmigrantes 
  Tarjetas rojas de ILRC
Plan de Preparación Familiar (sitio web de ILRC)
Información para las familias de Oregón prepares en  tiempos de crisis (difíciles) 

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