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About Us
We are located in the small town of Milton-Freewater, Oregon in the northeastern corner of the state. Located in the scenic Walla Walla Valley at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Mac-Hi has approximately 510 students. We are a 4A school and we compete athletically in the Greater Oregon League (GOL).

Through education, Mac-Hi graduates citizens who make a living, a life, a difference . . .

We, the students and staff at Mac-Hi, envision a school where we:

>Develop creative expression and individual talents
>Show respect toward ourselves and others, regardless of differences
>Strive to develop responsibility for our own actions
>Promote technological literacy in a global society
>Communicate effectively and work collaboratively
>Ensure physical and emotional safety
>Emphasize critical thinking, to solve problems and make informed choices
>Demonstrate the characteristics of good citizenship
>Encourage parent and community involvement

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Principal's Corner
Indeed, it is a great day to be a Pioneer. We are ready for the 2017-2018 school year! We have new programs to increase the opportunities at Mac-Hi and some new staff to compliment our existing strong staff.
We have added three Advanced Placement courses to our list of courses - AP Statistics, AP U.S. History, and AP Chemistry. Oregon Teacher Pathway (dual credit EOU course) is a two hour block with the Essentials Art course. OTP students will create art/reading lessons and share them with our Essentials Art students. Also you will see these students in elementary schools sharing their art/reading lessons and encouraging elementary students to aspire to become teachers. High school students completing this course will be able to attend EOU at a discount rate when they enter their teaching program. Pioneer Catering will also be a two hour block. We will soon see students applying their business and catering skills in the school and community. Media Productions is also a new course. Students will be streaming news throughout our school and keeping us informed of all upcoming events and sharing highlights of past events. Our on line program will return this year and be an option for credit recovery and for home school students. Call Mac-Hi for more information if you are interested in enrolling in our on line school. Pioneers to Careers Program will provide students opportunities to work with businesses in job shadows and internships. We will keep our community updated as this program grows.
Staff joining us this year are Hannah Donaldson as our Ag teacher. Many of you may have already met Hannah at our county fairs supervising our FFA students. Anne Swant from the Walla Walla School District will be teaching math. Anne comes to us with expertise for she once worked as a math coach and instructional leader. Anayeli Alvarez is a Mac-Hi graduate who will also teach Math. She is excited to return to Mac-Hi as a teacher. Tavis Crittenden joins our staff as our on line program director. Tavis will also be developing our Pioneers to Careers program. We will be building partnerships with our local businesses and placing students in job shadows and internships this year.
Becky Jo Gifford also comes to us from the Walla Walla School District. Becky Jo has a degree in social work and has just complete her high school counselor program. She too is excited to assist our students in their college/career planning.
Mindi Vaughan
McLoughlin High School Principal
Freewater Elementary School
○○○11AM to 1PM
Grove Elementary
○○○11:05AM to 11:25AM
Milton Freewater Public Library
○○○11:30AM to 11:50AM
Yantis Park
○○○11:55AM to 12:15PM
Baker Boyer Bank
○○○12:20PM to 12:40PM
Freewater Skate Park
○○○12:45PM to 1PM

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
Current Info
We hope all students have a wonderful summer. Find a book and enjoy some reading time. Summer School begins June 25 and runs through August 2, Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 12 pm. Please take advantage of this opportunity to retrieve some failed credit. We want all Pioneers on track to graduate.

The Mac-Hi and Central offices will be located off DeHaven street next to the gym for the summer.

Parents we are asking that you call or send a note within 24 hours of a student absence. It is important for students to be in class and on time every day. Thank you for your help in this matter. Go Pioneers.

Some helpful hints - 1) students must be on time and in attendance; 2) students need a good nights rest; 3) students should manage their time to ensure study time for all their classes; 4) students may study with a buddy and quiz each other; 5) use flashcards; 6) review and summarize notes; 7) highlight key vocabulary; 8) put away the phone during study time; 9) take short breaks, go for a short walk; 10) review assignments and student planner; 11) relax and take deep breaths.

Just a reminder to parents to call or come by the school when you get a new phone number. We need to keep our student information system current so we may contact you when needed. Thank you for assisting us with this.

Go Pioneers.

Friday school is available for any student failing class or who would like some extra support. All Freshmen who are failing are expected to attend Friday School. WE CAN HELP. It is important that parents support this opportunity for their child's success.

* Mac-Hi is a closed campus for 9th graders throughout the day. 10th - 12th graders also have a closed campus except during lunch. Students must sign out at the office to leave campus and only with parent note, email or phone call.
* Students who drive to school and want to park on campus must purchase a $5 Parking Permit through the office. Students must have a current driver's license and proof of insurance. The permits are valid throughout a students high school years at Mac-Hi. The permit must be hanging from the mirror or be visible on the dash of the vehicle.

2017-2018 School Hours
2017-2018 School Hours
Office Hours 7:30am to 4:00pm M-F

Office: (541) 938-5591
Fax: (541) 938-5593