Mrs. Dixon


Phone:  938-5591 ext. 7236


1st:  Algebra 2

2nd:  Geometry

3rd:  Algebra 1 Support

4th:  Algebra 2

5th:  Geometry

6th:  Prep

7th:  Algebra 2


This is my 6th year at Mac-Hi and this year I am teaching teaching Algebra 1 Support, Algebra 2 and Geometry.  I have a Bachelors Degree in Education and a Secondary Mathematics Endorsement from Washington State University.  I'm currently working toward a Masters Degree, an EdM in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis on mathematics and science.

Math is my favorite subject to teach and learn, and I used my math background in all the jobs I worked before I became a teacher!  Please call or send me an email if you have any questions or need further information about our math studies here at Mac Hi. 

Here's a link to a great website sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM):  This website has many fantastic activities and resources for math students!

Algebra 1 Support  (Syllabus click here)

Algebra 1 Support is to provide added time and scaffolding to students who need extra help with Algebra 1 topics. In addition to completing Algebra 1 assignments, there will be some problem-solving activities and preparation for new lessons that will be taught in the Algebra 1 class. This is an elective course.

Algebra 2  (Syllabus click here)

This course reviews Algebra 1 topics and expands on them to include sets of numbers, absolute value functions, quadratic functions, matrices, determinants, roots, imaginary and complex numbers, rational expressions, exponential and logarithmic functions, sequences and series, conics, and trigonometry.  Prerequisite: Algebra 1.

Geometry (Syllabus click here)

This course covers subjects including inductive reasoning, geometric definitions, constructing geometric objects, relationships between lines and angles, triangle and polygon properties, circles, area of geometric shapes, Pythagorean theorem, special right triangles, volume of three dimensional shapes, similarity, trigonometry, and geometric proofs. This course is designed to lay a base for understanding geometric shapes that will be needed to successfully complete advanced mathematics courses Prerequisite: Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 or Teacher Recommendation.