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Counseling and Career Center

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Mac-hi course catalog

Seniors and parents: Check this page often for upcoming events and updates!
The Counseling and Career Center at McLoughlin High School offers valuable resources to students. Resources and support available through the Counseling and Career Center include:
  • Academic Counseling
  • College and Career Goals and Planning
    • College Major and Career Research
    • College Applications and Admissions Essays
    • Community Job Shadow and Internship Placements
  • Financial Aid Support 
    • Completing FAFSA/ORSAA
    • Scholarship Applications
  • Job Skills
    • Interview Skills, Resumes, Professionalism, etc.

Becky Jo Gifford
School Counselor

Ethan Graham
Career Center & ASPIRE Coordinator

Linda Clark
Career Specialist

Mac-Hi Scholarships

Check out Mac-Hi's new online scholarship list. Make sure to check all deadlines.

unlock the money - submit your fafsa/orsaa!

Take advantage of the holiday breaks to find your 2017 tax returns and complete your financial aid applications! Claim up to $6,095 in free money.

Current percentage of FAFSA completion: 48.3%

Unfinished FAFSAs: 57

Mac-Hi Students' Potential Unclaimed Money: $347,415

Students: Make an appointment with the College & Career Center!

Students: Click the link below to pick a time to come to the Career Center and talk about your plans following high school.

Apply for WWCC foundation scholarship

Upcoming trips:

Sign up in the College and Career Center for these upcoming trips:

March 5: Gordy Plastics

March 6: SAGE Agriculture, Engineering and Processing Job Fair 

March 7: WWCC Viticulture, Cosmetology, and Automotive Repair Technology

ASPIRE at Mac-Hi needs volunteer mentors! 

ASPIRE is Oregon's mentoring program to help students access education and training beyond high school.

Please contact Ethan Graham via email if you are interested in mentoring at Mac-Hi with ASPIRE.

links and Resources

Current Info
Everyone have a great, restful summer. For those that are not on track for graduation, Summer School begins June 24, 8 am-1 pm in Room 202, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Freshmen who failed classes and are off track are required to attend and incoming seniors who need additional credits to graduate in 2020, need to attend also. Let's get this done Pioneers.

With our new safety entrance all students are required to enter the school through the front doors. Walkers, students dropped off and student drivers will need to enter through the front entrance. If students are late they will need to enter through the front entrance and receive their admit slip.

Our new Strive for 5 attendance campaign has kicked off. We are asking students not to miss more than 5 days of school for any reason, excluding school events. Parent support will be critical in this campaign. Strive for 5 has been presented to a local civic group and the Chamber of Commerce. We are also asking businesses to partner with us and communicate with students and parents about the importance of school attendance. It is going to be a great year.

Parents we are asking that you call or send a note within 24 hours of a student absence. It is important for students to be in class and on time every day. Thank you for your help in this matter. Go Pioneers.

Some helpful hints - 1) students must be on time and in attendance; 2) students need a good nights rest; 3) students should manage their time to ensure study time for all their classes; 4) students may study with a buddy and quiz each other; 5) use flashcards; 6) review and summarize notes; 7) highlight key vocabulary; 8) put away the phone during study time; 9) take short breaks, go for a short walk; 10) review assignments and student planner; 11) relax and take deep breaths.

Just a reminder to parents to call or come by the school when you get a new phone number. We need to keep our student information system current so we may contact you when needed. Thank you for assisting us with this.

Go Pioneers.

Friday school is available for any student failing class or who would like some extra support. All Freshmen who are failing are expected to attend Friday School. WE CAN HELP. It is important that parents support this opportunity for their child's success.

* Mac-Hi is a closed campus for 9th graders throughout the day. 10th - 12th graders also have a closed campus except during lunch. Students must sign out at the office to leave campus and only with parent note, email or phone call.
* Students who drive to school and want to park on campus must purchase a $5 Parking Permit through the office. Students must have a current driver's license and proof of insurance. The permits are valid throughout a students high school years at Mac-Hi. The permit must be hanging from the mirror or be visible on the dash of the vehicle.

About Us
We are located in the small town of Milton-Freewater, Oregon in the northeastern corner of the state. Located in the scenic Walla Walla Valley at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Mac-Hi has approximately 510 students. We are a 4A school and we compete athletically in the Greater Oregon League (GOL).

Through education, Mac-Hi graduates citizens who make a living, a life, a difference . . .

We, the students and staff at Mac-Hi, envision a school where we:

>Develop creative expression and individual talents
>Show respect toward ourselves and others, regardless of differences
>Strive to develop responsibility for our own actions
>Promote technological literacy in a global society
>Communicate effectively and work collaboratively
>Ensure physical and emotional safety
>Emphasize critical thinking, to solve problems and make informed choices
>Demonstrate the characteristics of good citizenship
>Encourage parent and community involvement

Thank you for visiting.
2018-2019 School Hours
2018-2019 School Hours
Office Hours 7:30am to 4:00 pm M-F

Office: (541) 938-5591
Fax: (541) 938-5593